Under fire, Indian couples say they won't take intimate wedding photos

The couple, Lekshmi and Hrushi Karthik, walked the aisle in a small ceremony in September. Photo courtesy BBC / AKHIL KARTHIKEYAN

An Indian couple who have been trolling flak online after sharing pictures from their intimate wedding shoot on social media have declined to take pictures, the BBC reported.

Married couple Lekshmi and Hrushi Karthik, who entered the aisle in a small ceremony in September, were apologetically bullied by social media users after uploading pictures of them giggling, hugging, and chasing after each other in a field covered in white silk blankets .

“Our marriage was arranged and loving,” Lekshmi told the BBC, sharing that her idea was to do a post-wedding photo shoot that was “unforgettable” to offset her “muted wedding ceremony” due to the ongoing COVID. 19 pandemic.

The couple delved into the details of the controversial photo shoot, disclosing that a friend clicked the pictures after they decided to pose for a “romantic and intimate photoshoot” that might make up for their humble affair on which only about 50 guests attended.

“It was great fun. We laughed about it. We were very excited about it. It was part of our honeymoon, we were just married and we felt free,” recalled Lakshmi.

Things got ugly for the newlyweds after they shared their pictures on social media to announce their marriage to the world.

“Trolls described the photos as ugly, vulgar, and shameful; Some said they were pornographic.[];; Some advised them to get a room, ”the publication said.

“We received two days of relentless hatred,” says Lekshmi. “People said we showed nudity, they said we did it to get attention and advertise,” the couple told the BBC.

Lekshmi decided that most of the criticism was on her and said, “It was really terrible for me. You molested me a lot more than him. You told me to act in porn movies, I was physically ashamed.

“The trolls included a lot of women. They found my previous photos that I had no makeup on and started comparing them. They said how ugly she looked in those photos,” she lamented.

On the other hand, few people countered the harsh criticism, saying the pictures were amazing and the couple should ignore the critical comments.

“We didn’t know who the trolls were criticizing us. We didn’t know the people who spoke in support of us either, but it made us very happy,” said Lekshmi.

Lekshmi reported on the reaction of her immediate family members: “At first our parents were also shocked, but we explained to them why we wanted this, and they understood and supported us very much. But many of our relatives accused us of imitating the West.”