Attire, make-up: what your bridal bathe ought to and should not pay for in your marriage ceremony day

Dresses, makeup: what your bridal shower should and shouldn't pay for on your wedding day

So what should brides cover, and what should a bridesmaid forego – and how much should they spend?


According to an article by the experts at Wedshed, there shouldn’t be any hard and fast rules about who should pay for what bridesmaids – instead, it’s up to the bride’s flexibility.

Dresses and shoes are a “gray area”, but if a bride has a heart for a particular style of dress and shoe for her bridesmaids, she may want to pay for it – or at least participate financially. This is especially the case if it is a dress that may be difficult for the bridesmaid to wear or resell.

But if the bride is happy that her bridesmaids only select an outfit that fits a particular color scheme, “the bride is likely to have less payment obligation as the bridesmaids can shop on their own budget and choose something to choose from.” wear again, “reads the Wedshed website.

Hair and makeup

For everything the bride has to do with beauty – we’re talking about hair, makeup, manicure, and tan – there is an expectation that the bride and groom will pay for it.

When bridesmaids have a little more leeway, they can purchase a lippie for touch up all day.

Hot Tip: A nice perfume makes a great gift for bridesmaids and means they will always remember your wedding day when they splash it on!

Bridal shower / bachelorette party

Bad news if you expected your work to be the pre-wedding gift – according to, bridesmaids are expected to bring gifts to the bridal shower and pay for the event themselves. “If the bridal party is hosting, they should split the cost themselves,” says the website.

“If a relative of the bride, like a grandmother or aunt, offers to serve as the hostess, she pays the cost – but bridesmaids should offer to interfere in some way, be it with money or help with cooking or configuration.”

When organizing a big evening for the hen, all guests are expected to split the cost, with the bride paying nothing.