At Jeezy and Jeannie Mai's intimate wedding ceremony at their Atlanta home

Emmy award-winning television presenter and activist Jeannie Mai and Grammy-nominated recording artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jeezy married in an intimate ceremony at their Atlanta home on March 27, 2021, one year after their engagement. The couple met when he was a guest on their talk show The Real. “Years later, he asked me out on a date,” recalls Jeannie. “We shared a romantic sushi dinner in Los Angeles and danced salsa all night. Later that evening he asked if I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. And crazy enough I could. “

In March 2020, the couple were forced to cancel a planned trip to Vietnam, where Jeezy, unbeknownst to Jeannie, was planning to propose it. Instead, in honor of their homeland, he put together a special Vietnam-themed quarantine date night at his Los Angeles home, which ended with him asking the question in front of the fireplace. She said yes!”

The couple wanted to get married on Lake Como or in the south of France. “We were really looking forward to having all of our friends and family celebrate there,” says Jeannie. “But we all had to change our wedding plans due to COVID. After Jeezy’s mother passed away unexpectedly, we quickly realized that life was too short. And at the end of the day, Jeezy and I really just wanted to be husband and wife. So we decided to convert our original wedding into mini-money where we exchanged our vows in front of our immediate family and some close friends. “

To make their event as safe as possible for everyone in attendance, they needed negative COVID-19 test results from people who were traveling two days before the wedding. In addition, they provided COVID-19 tests for all attendees on the day of the ceremony. “After everyone was tested and confirmed negative, our guests were taken to the surprise spot – our home,” says Jeannie.

The couple worked with Suzanne Reinhard to plan everything. “She worked through our details exactly as requested and minimized any stress,” notes Jeannie. “She made it so comfortable!”

Jeannie always knew she wanted to wear a Galia Lahav dress, and the conception of the look was one of her favorite parts in the wedding planning process. “I worked with my stylist Lisa Cera and Atelier Galia Lahav to customize the layers and the perfect shade,” says Jeannie. “The finished product was everything I imagined.”

Cera searched high and low for matching nude applications and placed them by hand on the dress to get a particularly unique design. “For the hair and makeup, I wanted a smooth and graceful finish and a bit of drama,” says Jeannie. “So Lisa and I worked on a handmade headdress with a 15-foot Galia Lahav veil. My hairdresser Kristen sewn this into my hair impressively. “Jewelry was kept to a minimum, and the bride’s friend, Rosalina Lydster, created diamond and morganite earrings that tied everything together.

Jeezy also wanted a custom design for the wedding day, so he asked his favorite tailor, Teofilo Flor and stylist Kris Shelby, to create a champagne blush suit that exuded strength and sophistication, but also a bit of playfulness. Meanwhile, guests have been asked to wear off-white, a color that for the couple represents peace in their union.

The service took place in the open garden of the couple’s house against the backdrop of magnolia, birch and maple trees – an intimate and familiar environment. “Everywhere you went, tall glass candles lit your way,” says Jeannie. “And we had a live band, Trap Jazz, that performed our favorite songs.”

When the guests arrived, the cell phones were checked on the door before everyone went down the stairs towards the open garden.

After each family member had walked down the aisle, the groom’s father placed a single pink rose in a space reserved for the late Sharon Denise Jenkins, Jeezy’s mother. Writer and Pastor John Maxwell was waiting at the altar as Jeezy walked down the aisle to “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Kem. The bride then followed on to “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees. Then Jeannie’s brother started a twist in the tradition – the Vietnamese tea ceremony. “He led Jeezy and me to a ritual that was performed at Vietnamese weddings,” recalls Jeannie. “At this ceremony, we honored our parents by pouring tea to welcome Jeezy into my family and me into his. We then paid our respects to our parents and ancestors by bowing four times, each symbolizing a significant gift in the life they gave us. ”

After the tea ceremony, the couple exchanged vows of commitment and sealed everything with a kiss. Afterward, Jeezy surprised Jeannie by having Tyrese serenade her for her first dance to “Sweet Lady”. “The whole night was full of speeches and funny memories from all of our guests,” says the bride. “In order not to be outdone, my mother, Mama Mai, started the after party with a special performance of her own.”

To continue the celebration, the group finally moved the after-party to the couple’s lounge, where guests were given individually monogrammed Cozy Earth pajamas and slippers. “Jeezy and I put on our own matching Versace silk pajamas,” says Jeannie. “And then we danced to our favorite hits all night and felt more comfortable than ever.”