“/>Are these your photos? An artist in Leeds found it in her new dresser drawer and she wants to track down the owners.

Sarah Jo Evans, of Leeds, bought the used dresser hoping to fix it and sell it in her little side shop, Cheeky Toucan.

However, when she came to repaint the furniture, she was shocked to find 12 stunning wedding photos in one of the drawers.

Ms. Evans, 30, a freelance stage performer, said: “The previous owner explained to me that the photos were found in the dresser drawer and that every owner has since taken the photos.

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“/> Are these your photos? They are from 06/14/1973.

“I think they seem too precious even to a stranger to throw away, especially since they are not from a decade when you could take and store as many photos as possible,” Ms. Evans continues.

“It makes those moments special and I’m sure they would mean a lot to someone if they got them back.”

The date on the back of the photos is 06/14/1973, which suggests that these photos have been missing for a long time.

Ms. Evans posted the photos on Facebook in hopes of reuniting them with their original owner.

“/> Are these your photos? They are from 06/14/1973.

If you recognize the building or anyone in these photos, please contact yorkshire.digital@JPImedia.co.uk

“/> The dresser in which the photos were found.