Apprehensive anticipate Hampshire brides and venues marriage ceremony numbers to be introduced


(lr) Robert and Andrew Pearce, owners of the Creatiques Bridal Boutique in Southsea

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make an announcement at 6 p.m. today that could result in coronavirus rules capping the number of guests staying in place for an additional four weeks.

The move could have a disastrous impact on the wedding industry, which has already been hit hard by months of closure followed by strict rules.

Industry group The UK Weddings Taskforce said 50,000 weddings scheduled in the four weeks following June 21 could be canceled if the restrictions are delayed, meaning the industry is losing £ 325 million a week .

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Titchfield’s great barn

Currently, the number of guests allowed at weddings is limited to 30, but this should be abolished on June 21st.

Kevin Fraser, who runs the Great Barn in Titchfield, said the restrictions have been appalling for the industry.

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At that point, Boris Johnson will announce the decision whether the lockdown will be relaxed …

Typically there are 14 weddings per year for up to 175 people, but this year only two small weddings with 15 people could be held.

The venue has brought other ways to stay afloat, such as an open-air gym, markets, and open-air theater shows.

Kevin said, “It was horrible. We’ve had two quiet weddings so far this year. It does, however, and we hope the restrictions will be lifted by July so we can have some more weddings this year, but eventually when it is safe to do so. ‘

Stuart Midgley, who runs the Hampshire Hog, a wedding venue, bar and restaurant that also has 20 bedrooms in Clanfield, said the constant shifts have been heartbreaking.

The venue typically hosts 20 weddings a year for 100 guests, but has only held two small weddings so far in 2021, one with just nine guests.

He said, “It was an anxious time for everyone. We want to stick to the rules, but for the people who had to keep rearranging their weddings, I couldn’t imagine how stressful that was. It certainly brought a lot of heartache about who to invite and whether or not to move on.

“A lot of people have held back from marrying until restrictions allow. I have a couple who rearranged their wedding five times so they can have the people they want.

“Whatever happens, my phone will be busy tomorrow, not only affecting weddings, but also bookings for larger events such as birthday parties where guests are expected.”

Robert Pearce, who runs Southsea’s Bridal Boutique with husband Andrew Creatiques, said the delays have had a catastrophic impact on businesses like theirs.

He urged the Prime Minister to take a firm stand and give a clear path.

He also said the constant delays caused some venues to raise their prices, with some brides seeing their venues twice as expensive and others charging the limited guests the same amount agreed for larger events originally planned for 120 people has been.

Robert said, “We wait with bated breath, just like our brides. If they postpone weddings for another four weeks, weddings will be postponed to the summer vacation and additional costs will apply for our brides.

“I’m angry that things like soccer are allowed, soccer stadiums are open, pubs are open, it’s not fair and it’s a rule for weddings for some.

“It’s just a waiting game now. I hope Boris is firm and allows weddings. We have waited long enough. ‘

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron