Anil Kapoor’s spouse Sunita as soon as had a “queen” second and was flying alone for her honeymoon

Anil Kapoor’s Wife Sunita Kapoor Flew Solo For Her Honeymoon, Deets Inside!

Here’s why Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunita Kapoor flew solo for her honeymoon (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are one of Bollywood’s power couples. They have been together for so many years and are still together today. Their love story is magical, and even after 46 years nothing can stop them from falling head over heels in love. But did you know that despite so much love, Sonam Kapoor’s mother had her queen moment during her honeymoon?

Well, Sunita had to fly alone for her honeymoon? Shocked to hear that? Read on for more updates.

Most of us have seen and enjoyed Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. It was one of the best films of the year and the actresses’ performance was also widely recognized. While the entire plot of the film is not the case with Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunita Kapoor, she is undoubtedly the real queen, as she too went on her honeymoon alone, just like Rani from Vikas Bahl’s director.

In an interview earlier this year, Anil Kapoor spoke about this incident. He said he had just caught Meri Jung of filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who was released in 1985 and linked to Sunita Kapoor shortly afterwards. Well, the day the actor got a foothold in the movie industry, he called his lover and asked her to marry him herself the next day or never. And you wouldn’t believe the couple actually got married the next day themselves.

After that, Anil went for a three-day shoot while Sunita flew off on her honeymoon alone without him. That’s exciting, isn’t it? Who would have thought Queen’s story was actually real?

Anil Kapoor has always said that his wife, Sunita Kapoor, continues to motivate him to work while he continues to find a balance between his personal and professional life. And that, we say, is the key to a happy and healthy marriage.

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