After their wedding in the town hall, model Aweng Ade-Chuol and Alexus Ade-Chuol commemorated the day with tattoos and pizza

While we are all currently socially distant and have dedicated ourselves to wearing masks, this wedding took place in the months leading up to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope it will bring some joy to your reading list.

Model Aweng Ade-Chuol and nail artist entrepreneur Alexus Ade-Chuol first met by chance at a business meeting. “I knew about her, of course. I even wrote to her a few years earlier to tell her how beautiful she was, ”says Alexus. “She never answered!” (When Aweng isn’t on the runway, the New York-based model spends her time completing her law degree at the University of New England, where she will graduate in the winter of 2021.)

When they met, Aweng and Alexus saw each other for nine months before they were engaged. “The proposal was nice and straight to the point,” says Alexus. “Aweng and I have always been very transparent with each other, so we talk about everything. It was a very simple and mutual decision. We were in Paris and were completely overwhelmed by how much love we shared and how long we were apart back then. “

“We were separated for two months,” recalls Aweng. “I had returned to London for work, and at the time Alexus was living in New York City.”

“She asked me if I would marry her [in our hotel room]”Says Alexus.” And I said, ‘If you asked me, I would do it without question.’ “

At the time, Aweng went to Twitter to update her fans of the good news [fiancée]. ”

The wedding took place in Manhattan City Hall. “I love my current wife so much that all of my childhood dreams of what a wedding should be went out the window,” says Alexus. “I just wanted to be with her and a few people who meant something to her and me.”

But there was a wardrobe crisis the night before the wedding, and the couple worked to resolve it until 5 a.m. “I was originally supposed to be wearing something completely different,” says Alexus. “That option failed the night before. I was so upset, but I knew if I had to, I would marry Aweng drenched in sweat. Pyer Moss prevailed for us with the help of Nate Hinton. I couldn’t thank them enough. “Meanwhile, Aweng wore a nice suit and flared pants with heels by Kwaidan Editions and earrings by Panconesi.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. “The officer was so nice to us,” says Alexus. “Actually, I’ll never forget her. It was part of my happiest day. “In addition to the very intimate, personal feeling of the day, the couple wrote their own vows. “My vows will likely be my greatest written work for a long time,” says Alexus. “I can’t even describe my feelings during the ceremony. It was like taking the first steps towards my destiny. “

“During the ceremony, I felt at peace, as if all the flights, tears, and sweat that led to the ceremony weren’t worth it,” says Aweng. “I got the feeling that even though we almost missed our big day, we had each other and were finally at eye level with our loved ones, and nothing in the world could beat that.”

After the wedding, the newlyweds got matching “XII” tattoos on their ring fingers in the tattoo shop – Alexus’ favorite tattoo and piercing shop – to commemorate the day, December 12th. “What better way to end a NYC wedding than at a tattoo shop?” Alexus remarks. Then, after they got inked, they went to Penn Station to get pizza at Rose’s Pizza and Pasta. “She’s not a huge fan of pizza, “says Aweng.” But when she longs for it, she stops here because it’s always good! “