7 Wedding ceremony Traits You Are Doubtless To See In 2022

7 Wedding Trends You Are Likely To See In 2022

Wedding locations, florists and dressmakers have a lot of work to do, because 2022 will be a record year to celebrate.

However, outfits and decor are likely to look slightly different when compared to pre-pandemic ceremonies and receptions. The past year and a half has seen couples reassess their priorities. Many are now ditching the traditional wedding rulebook in favor of elements that spark joy, protect the planet, and support local businesses.

Here are seven topics that trend researchers anticipate, according to the wedding planning site Hitched.

Rented wedding dresses

Carrie Johnson made headlines this year when she tied the knot in a rented tulle and silk gown by Christos Costarellos, which cost just £ 45 compared to a retail price of £ 2,870. With the average wedding dress costing £ 1,313, the newlywed joins a movement of money-conscious and environmentally conscious brides who rent wedding dresses.

Upcycling occasion wear is expected to continue to play a huge role in weddings in 2022 as consumers continue to look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

Sober nosy weddings

Traditionally, alcohol has always been seen as an essential feature of a “good” knee. However, experts predict an increase in sober, curious weddings, with newlyweds choosing to avoid or reduce their alcohol consumption for personal or wellness reasons.

The majority (89%) of the couples surveyed said that they will have guests who do not drink alcohol at their wedding. As a result, we can expect an increase in mocktail menus, non-alcoholic beers and coffee bars at weddings across the UK.

Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

As the UK eagerly awaits the launch date of the second series of the hit Netflix series, Hitched predicts the Regency season will subtly infiltrate weddings in 2022, with pastel blue, empire waist wedding dresses, sleek gloves, wisteria and vintage – Porcelain table landscapes.

Ebay also reports a 205% increase in searches for “puff sleeve wedding dresses” as brides continue to draw inspiration from the fashions of Daphne, Lady Whistledown and other popular characters from the show.

Plans inspired by nature

With everyone spending more time outdoors during the pandemic, a newfound appreciation for nature is likely to affect wedding decorations in 2022 as couples focus on the environment, replacing traditional whites and pastels with earthy, natural colors and textures. Expect to see lots of terracotta pots, driftwood, and linen napkins with honey-sweet neutrals and brighter hues of rust, amber, and coral.

Couples also use color schemes to reflect their personality, with many still opting for the traditional all-white palette, but with bold pops of color woven into their big day. Trend forecasters predict that bright pink-purple, earthy olive green, creamy yellow, tropical oranges and ocean blues will all be popular throw-in colors in spring and summer 2022

Two piece wedding dresses

Searches for “two piece wedding dresses” on Hitched are up 176% this year, and with wedding dress shopping typically starting nine months before the big day, beautiful bridal items are likely to show up at weddings in 2022. Popular for their versatility, two-piece dresses are easy to turn from day to night, and their wearability is popular with sustainable brides.

After the pandemic, elopements and micro-weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Brides are also turning away from traditional dresses and towards more modern, minimalist styles. Since March 2020, Hitched has seen searches for “casual wedding dresses” increase by 197% and searches for bridal suits by 167%.

‘Taste That Matters’ cake

To give their sugar-sweet heart a very personal touch, many couples choose cake flavors that remind them of a special memory. Whether it’s the first date, flavors from their childhood or a connection to a favorite destination, this type of cake enables newlyweds to share special memories with their guests.

Wedding cribs

Recent data shows that searches for “maternity wedding gowns” have increased by 80% as the pandemic creates a new wave of pregnant brides after the pandemic. From the couple’s children to guests, we can expect more kids than ever at weddings in 2022, and this will require new and unique ways to entertain them.