6 issues grooms do not learn about males’s marriage ceremony apparel, suggests Deepak S Chhabra

Nishtha Goel

Nowadays, wedding fashion is about the bride and groom embracing their personalities and preferences while showing off their style. Deepak S Chhabra Couture is meticulously fashion conscious, stylish and distinctive when we talk about groom fashion today. He’s a maestro at work when it comes to groom’s wedding wear. His artistic and aesthetic side shows the collection, which is as subtle as it is extravagant, just like Deepak himself.

From his experience in this industry, he has seen that most grooms don’t know much about wedding attire and are often victims of fashion trends they don’t understand.

Deepak sees fashion as a way of conveying stories, but it is also recommended that brides and grooms prepare their wardrobe for the post-wedding period without missing a day. He wants to list 6 things grooms don’t know about wedding attire:

  • The wedding day is not the only day:

Men always want to look the best version of themselves for the “big day”. Deepak suggests something else. Why only look the best ‘YOU’ on the wedding day when you can do that at all other events? From ring ceremonies to cocktails, look as elegant as you want. After all, you are the man of the hour.

  • Accessories are important:

Deepak can’t emphasize this enough, but the clothes you wear won’t look complete without the matching accessories. From watches to belts; From shoes to sunglasses, the groom needs to be ready to combine his clothes with the accessories he needs.

  • Decide on a dress code for each event:

The groom shouldn’t look alike on any occasion. For each event, he should prepare in advance with a dress code. For any other event, the groom should always mix and match different styles of clothing to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Experimenting with different colors could also be just the icing on the cake.

  • Practice wearing your outfit:

After you’ve chosen your outfit, it’s time to practice wearing it. What Deepak S Chhabra means by this is to get dressed and wear for a while, just like you used to do during dress rehearsals at school and college. Just be careful not to damage the outfit in any way! For example- if you are buying a new pair of shoes for your wedding, make sure you break them in beforehand. There is nothing worse than aching, uncomfortable feet!

  • Discuss the preparation of the wedding attire with the future bride:

Don’t underestimate the importance of this suggestion just because it’s last on the list. This notice is really important! Your wife is an important part of the wedding preparations, but don’t forget to bring your ideas too. Provide instructions and guidance to your groomsmen regarding clothes and accessories they should wear. When you’ve done that, tell her. When you’ve done your homework and taken the bull by the horns, she should be on board. Communication is essential in life and even more important at a wedding. In addition, attending a wedding to which you believe you have made a significant contribution will enrich the experience.

  • The groom should start buying his wedding clothes early:

Another important tip for men on their wedding day is to start prep at least 90 days before the big day. Why do you ask this? This is due to two main factors:

You save money – The man who comes a few weeks before his wedding usually spends more. This requires prioritizing the task over others, incurring additional expense and possible rush ordering errors. All of this can easily be prevented with minimal forethought.

You save stress – There will be enough stress at your wedding; don’t make your outfit one of these. Choosing and purchasing your wardrobe a few months in advance can help reduce tension.

With all these things in mind, the groom should match his clothes to those of his wife and give his bride another reason to be proud of him. We hope that with the guide now in front of you, you can create the perfect outfit in no time. And wherever you need help, remember that Deepak S Chhabra Couture is your one-stop shop for donning the dreamiest outfits to make your bride fall in love with you again.

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