5 Model Hacks Not To Be Missed Earlier than Attending A Lockdown Wedding ceremony

5 Style Hacks You Should Not Miss Before Attending a Lockdown Wedding

Weddings in 2020 were really tough as marriage plans were either put on hold or changed significantly. In the face of these changes, the wedding industry also saw some unique trends to adapt to the new normal and one of them was “Lockdown Wedding”. However, the fashion during this period did not change. It’s gotten even more important now as guests go out of their way to look special in the midst of the scaled-down wedding guest list. Ravi Gupta, Creative Director at Gargee Designers, shares a few style hacks that shouldn’t be missed before attending a wedding. Also Read – Stylist Recommended Fashion Tips For Taking Off A Shirt Dress!

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When choosing the fabric color, be sure to choose pastel colors as this has become a summer trend. Patel colors look amazing and flattering on Indian skin tones. It’s also a great option to use something other than the classic dark greens and reds. Also Read – Stylist Recommended Tips For Flaunting Off Shoulder Tops!

Face masks for a statement:

Wearing a mask is a must these days! Why not choose a statement mask for the wedding as it made a worldwide fashion debut due to the pandemic. It’s a fashion statement that will stay here. You can have one made to match your outfit or opt for a sequenced golden face mask. It goes with whatever type of outfit choice you make and adds a touch of glamor. It’s also something that never goes wrong when paired with different outfits, regardless of the color or style. Depending on the occasion, treat yourself to embroidery, sequences or thread work to set accents.

Subtle make-up:

Nowadays, the no makeup makeup look is all the rage and adapts to the current seasonal weather conditions. Subtle makeup is exactly the kind that highlights your best features and gives you a naturally beautiful look. Either way, you should groom your beard and dab on a generous amount of aftershave if you prefer a clean look. Use makeup sparingly as you will have to worry less and focus on looking charming than fiddling with nits.

Equip carefully:

Accessorizing is a key to all of the glamor that you carry into the wedding reception. If you’re not the groom or his best friend, add accessories to enhance your machismo and flatter your looks. A statement piece can work wonders in a wedding look. Combine different types of accessories before you decide to wear them. The preparation will give you a good idea of ​​what style to choose to make the impression on guests. Finally, wear accessories that keep you comfortable and won’t get stuck or discomfort from the weight.

Shoes are an essential style:

Finally, your shoes are essential too, especially if they are snipped by the bride’s friends in exchange for shagun. Keep your shoe style elegant. If your outfit is simple, you can wear shoes or a jutti that is full of embellishments. If you go for a classic suit or a bandh gala, go for sleek, formal shoes.