5 brides on what it feels prefer to hire your wedding ceremony gown

5 brides on what it feels like to rent your wedding dress

The wedding rental market is booming, giving the term “something borrowed” a new meaning. Carrie Symonds’ decision to rent her gown from Christos Costarellos when she married Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Westminster Cathedral last month has fueled interest in the conscious option and the trend is set to continue, with brides whose plans are through the The pandemic that emerged from the lockdown was a new perspective.

The surge is also inspiring ex-brides to dig up their own wedding dresses and list them on peer-to-peer lending platforms. Women often spend months looking for their dream dress, then stow it away in the warehouse and never look at it again after the ceremony. By Rotation and My Wardrobe HQ are just two of the platforms on the mission to shake things up and provide an alternative for brides who can’t stand selling their clothes – but also don’t want them to gather dust.

Below, British Vogue met five women who wanted to pass on their most precious dress to another bride.

Eshita has listed her Jacquemus civil dress and Gaurav Gupta’s dress on By Rotation, the rental platform she founded

“My husband and I had an Anglo-Indian wedding given our respective cultures, which meant I ended up with five outfits to celebrate the civil ceremony and Hindu traditions. Each was more special than the previous one, and I wish I had more time with all of them. By listing the pieces in the By Rotation app, I hope our brides can give them the love and time they deserve while choosing a more sustainable solution for their special day. “

Eshita is wearing her Jacquemus dress.

Sadie listed her bespoke Kate halfpenny dress on MyWardrobe HQ

“I never thought I’d be happy to see someone else in my wedding dress, nor was fashion rental ever on my radar. Having been in the fashion industry for so many years, I knew what look I wanted and that designer Kate Halfpenny was the one who would create the perfect bespoke version of what was on my mind. I couldn’t have been happier with the last dress, a stunning couture gown created from a skirt with lots of hand-cut and striped petals that was hand-placed in tiers over a minimalist top that I wanted almost like a bodysuit , with crossed straps at the back. I’ve never regretted the cost and the experience was magical, but I wasn’t aware of any other option – just that the dress was worn once and then lived forever in my dressing room as it was absolutely unique to me.

“But suddenly our views on the circularity of fashion changed radically, and the advent of rental reflected that. I think the pandemic created a palpable feeling that we all had to re-prioritize what matters, how we care for the world around us, as well as the very real situation for brides who haven’t had the gift of planning ahead – the booking of Appointments would no longer be a reality.