43 years later, an Egyptian, armed with a receipt, goes into the studio to get his marriage ceremony pictures

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Cairo: An Egyptian manager of a studio in the coastal city of Alexandria recently experienced the surprise of his life. A compatriot reached out to him with a receipt from 1978 asking him to get photos of his wedding, which he took in the same studio over 43 years ago.

Stunned studio manager Ayman Mounir posted a copy of the receipt on Facebook and said, “I swear to God I can’t believe this. A person shows up to ask about his wedding photos. The customer presented a receipt from 1978, 43 years late. “

Ayman’s father owned the studio when the photos were taken. The customer then paid four Egyptian pounds for 12 photos of him and his bride.

The customer, who appeared to be in their 60s, didn’t explain why they waited all these years before requesting the photos.

“Shocked, I couldn’t ask him why he was 43 years late,” said Ayman. “I couldn’t tell him either that it is impossible to find the photos now. I just told him I would try to find her. I asked him for permission to keep the recipient in my archive even if I couldn’t find the photos. “

Originally built in the 1940s, the studio was initially owned by Ayman’s grandfather and was later inherited from his father in the 1960s.