Not every person in the world is perfect, but still every person in the world wants a perfect life partner. By the way, the meaning of beauty varies for everyone. By the way, more and more people in the world are attracted to such features as tall size and fair complexion, but still, some couples get so surprised that they are surprised. Now a couple is still under discussion.

In this pair, the groom was two feet and the bride four feet. This story comes from the local church of Mummidivaram in Andhra Pradesh where the wedding took place. Now this marriage remains the focus of discussion between the media and the people in the neighborhood. According to reports, the groom Devarapalli Srinivas stopped growing in height in his childhood. Srinivas is now only two feet, and for this reason the people of his house feared how they would get married. After Srinivas graduated, his family members began looking for him for the bride. Shortly afterwards he found Sathya Durga, a resident of Samanasa village.

Satya Durga is only four feet tall, and Satya Durga studied to the eighth standard. Both were married in Shantinagar on March 31st. Both the bride and groom are reportedly from the Christian community and their families are very happy with this relationship. The newlyweds and the members of their families are very happy with the wedding and everyone is now discussing this couple.

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