15 questions concerning the wedding ceremony venue that you just should not be afraid of


July 20, 2021 – 2:37 pm BST

Rachel Avery

Planning a wedding can feel like an overwhelming task to book and organize with endless things to do, but fear not, we are here to help! When touring your dream wedding location, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget important questions. We met with Natasha Beach, Wedding Executive, at the magnificent wedding venue of. teamed up Ellenborough Park who revealed the 15 things you have every right to ask about your wedding venue.

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1. Are the payment dates for the deposit flexible?

Certain venues can customize these dates to suit the bride and groom, so don’t forget to ask.

2. What is your cancellation policy / COVID cancellation policy?

This is important to verify as we are going through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Most venues allow you to be lavishly creative with decorations

3. Are there any decoration restrictions?

The venues are usually very accommodating even when it comes to the most fancy wedding decorations, but there might be some ideas that are not possible so it is best to check them out.

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4. Are fireworks allowed?

If you are hoping for some impressive fireworks display to celebrate your wedding, make sure to get permission first as it may be prohibited in certain places.

5. How flexible are we with the times of the day?

If the wedding location is not rented exclusively, other events and activities can take place at the same time. So check if the times are working.

ellenborough drinks

You need to find out if there is a charge for serving alcohol from outside suppliers

6. Is there a cork fee?

If you organize wine from outside suppliers, a cork fee may be levied by the venue.

7. Are there any hidden fees?

It’s okay to ask this question ahead of time as low fees may come to mind to the wedding planner.

8. What public liability insurance do we have?

Some wedding venues may require the couple to pay separately, but this type of insurance covers property damage or personal injury.

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9. How flexible can we be on the menu?

Whether it’s dietary requirements or an unusual menu choice, it is worth discussing the options with your wedding planner.

Wedding dog

Dogs at weddings are becoming increasingly popular

10. Can my dog ​​come to the wedding?

Would you like your pet pooch to be a ring bearer? You have to ask first!

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11. Do you have recommended suppliers?

Your wedding location would have worked with lots of florists, DJs, musicians, etc. so why not get some trustworthy recommendations from them first?

12. What happens next when the venue is booked?

Don’t be afraid to ask this! It’s a fair question, and your coordinator should be able to give you a schedule for things like menu tasting, down payments, etc.

ellenborough park hotel

Once your venue is booked, there is still a lot to do

13. What is your main wedding planning advice once the venue is confirmed?

Chances are you’re talking to a wedding professional, so get some invaluable advice from them.

14. What have other couples been up to regarding entertainment / decor / food?

If you’re really stuck with ideas, your planner can provide some examples from previous couples.

Wedding rain

Be prepared that it might rain on your wedding day

15. Do you have a rainy weather plan?

Also, if you are planning a summer outdoor wedding, it is very advisable to consult with your venue about a plan if the weather worsens. Chances are they’ll have a covered area ready for you throughout the day.

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