14 Wedding ceremony Images To Show Rain On Your Large Day Are No Large Deal

14 Wedding Photos To Prove Rain On Your Big Day Are No Big Deal

When rain fills your wedding forecast, it’s easy to get nervous about these large day variables. Does your hair get frizzy? Will your dress be ruined? And, perhaps most worryingly, what will your wedding photos look like on rainy days?

Veteran wedding photographer Mikkel Woodruff says you should bring those worries to bed. “Chances are it won’t rain all day, and even if it rains when you’re supposed to take photos, they’ll always be cute, too,” she says. “It would be a shame if the weather controlled your wedding and if you worry about it it will show on your face. Just have a positive attitude and roll with the punches! ”

Meet the expert

Mikkel Woodruff is an East Coast luxury and wedding photographer. She has worked with many couples and photographed everything from engagements and proposals to elopements.

If you are stressed by unhappy weather, there are a few ways you can help alleviate anxiety. Here’s how Woodruff explains how to make sure a rain forecast doesn’t affect your day:

  • Communicate early and often with your photographer about problems with rainy days. “It’s the photographer’s job to find alternative photo locations,” said Woodruff. Whether it’s a photogenic mural under a bridge or a park with optimal coverage, photographers have a range of options in their back pocket for rainy days.
  • Ask for help. “If you wanted to go somewhere, book a car when the forecast calls for rain,” said Woodruff. “Maybe someone will come along like a bridesmaid so photos are a second set of hands. They could also be comforting and calm you down. “
  • Remember, darker days actually make for some of the best wedding pictures. The forecast might look bleak, but that doesn’t mean your photos will! “The sky can be pretty and almost evergreen,” said Woodruff. “It’s better than full sun and you definitely won’t sweat. Plus, you can’t have a rainbow without rain! “

Whether your forecast calls for drizzle or not, here are 14 rainy day wedding photos to prove that your pictures will look dazzling even when it rains.