12 feather gown choices for brides who need a contact of glamor on their marriage ceremony day

12 feather dress options for brides who want a touch of glamor on their wedding day

Photo: Eva Espresso

Lace has been one of the most popular decorations on wedding dresses in the past, but more and more we are seeing feathers in bridal collections. A plumage attracts attention – which is great when all eyes are on the bride – and it feels especially solemn. And what is a wedding but a very important party? Whether they’re cropping the hems of a textured suit or sewing them over a dress, feathers can take any bridal look to the next level.

We remember Priyanka Chopra, who chose not one but two feather-trimmed dresses for her pre-wedding celebrations with Nick Jonas. During her bridal shower at Tiffany & Co.’s Blue Box Cafe, she wore a marchesa dress with ostrich feathers. For her bachelorette party in Amsterdam, she wore a Georges Chakra sequin mini dress and a feather-trimmed duster. Even the fictional fashion hero Carrie Bradshaw proved the power of the spring when she anchored her wedding day look with a bird-like headdress.

Most recently, bride Natalie Salmon showed the flexibility of feathers. They are not only reserved for extravagant, multi-day weddings, but are also suitable for more discreet celebrations. At her civil wedding in London, Salmon, the digital editor of the upcoming Vogue Scandinavia, wore a simple, elegant, strapless dress – minimal everywhere apart from the fantastic feathered hem. “The dress was perfect because it was timeless and the feathers added a bit of glamor without being over-the-top,” says Salmon.

Whether you’re a classic bride looking for a subtle way to add a touch of drama to your wedding anniversary look, or the maximalist type who wants to pull out all the stops on your big day, there is a feathered dress for you . Discover 12 feather dresses for every bride and every wedding party.

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