11 Wedding Planner Books & Diaries To Make The Wedding Planning Process Easy

Once it is time to start planning your wedding, the emotions surrounding your latest engagement can quickly turn from joy to panic. The idea of ​​having a big party is nice, but preparing for the main event is a tedious task – especially if you want to give it your all later this year or in 2022 (Dr. Fauci finally gave us his blessing). The to-do lists are starting to pile up; from limiting the number of invited guests to deciding which color of the table linen goes well with your scheme. And unfortunately, not everyone can have the sophisticated Jennifer Lopez of The Wedding Planner at the helm. The next best? A wedding planner, but in book form.

Something as simple as a notebook can help get the job done, but we recommend an option with pre-prepared reminders and to-do lists – planners specifically designed to ensure the bride and groom don’t forget a single detail . There are spiral options from The Caledonia Design Co. Store that work as personal countdowns – probably a favorite of meticulous couples breaking down a list of post-wedding tasks.

There are also beautifully designed planners (we like Emily Ley and Erin Condren’s) that are broken down into easy-to-follow sections devoted to very crucial tasks like choosing an invitation, the seating arrangements for the reception, and keeping track of the Cost of the wedding. Buy the best wedding planner books or diaries by browsing our favorites below.

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