10 celebrities who can officiate weddings

There is a lot that goes into a wedding. There is of course the wedding dress, venues, guests, food, wedding reception, and that that makes it all, the wedding officer. It can’t happen without someone officiating your wedding. Nowadays, anyone can become a wedding officer as long as you are certified to do so. Because of this, many celebrities have added an official wedding to their resumes.

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You would be surprised to find out how many celebrities can officiate at weddings, and how many have already. From fans, family members and friends to the good of others, there are a lot more prominent wedding officers than you think. If you can’t marry your favorite celebrity, you can always have them officiate your marriage!

10 Kesha

Throughout her career, Kesha has spoken out in favor of advocating for LGBTQ rights. As a result, she became a wedding officer and took advantage of it when she was running a same-sex wedding in 2018. The wedding took place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and took place on the anniversary of the very first same-sex marriage license issued in the United States on March 26, 2975.

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She also released a music video for her song “I Need a Woman to Love,” in which she had a same-sex marriage in the music video. Kesha advocates LGBTQ rights and what better way to spread love than marrying people of the same sex?

9 Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became wedding officer for a very good reason – to surprise a fan. Comedian Nick Mundy is a huge fan of The Rock, and he was shocked to find out that The Rock would be his wedding officer. The whole thing was a surprise, even the wedding itself. Nick thought he was just interviewing The Rock, and little did he know he was actually going to get married. It was definitely the surprise of a lifetime for Nick.

8th Jimmy Kimmel

We all know Jimmy Kimmel has this long standing joke that there is a feud between him and Matt Damon. Obviously, the feud is a fake, as Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t just invited to renew the vows of Matt and his wife Luciana. The vow renewal took place in St. Lucia, and Jimmy was the wedding officer. There were loads of stars in attendance and of course Jimmy had to design the ceremony himself, which made it fun. We’d love to believe that Jimmy is the perfect celebrity to have a wedding with.

7th Queen Latifah

Queen Latifiah became a wedding officer for good reason. In 2014, she directed 33 marriages during the Grammy Awards. When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their song “Same Love,” it was all about marriage equality. During the performance, Queen Latifah directed all 33 weddings of all sexual directions simultaneously. It was definitely the perfect way to use your power as a wedding officer for good reason and that is to spread love!

6th Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is another celebrity who can officiate at weddings. Can you imagine a legend like Stevie Nicks attending your wedding and officiating the whole thing? For the singer Vanessa Carlton, she had the great opportunity to let Stevie officiate her marriage to her singer John McCauley. The two shared several pictures of the wedding on Instagram, and Stevie announced that she was officiating the big day. We’d definitely ask Stevie to officiate our wedding.

5 Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks seems like the perfect wedding officer, and he is. Actress Allison Williams had Tom Hanks as her wedding officer. Thanks to the family friend, Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, she was able to convince Tom to officiate their wedding, which would not be a problem since he was already a wedding officer.

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According to Allison, Tom was the perfect person to marry her and her husband Ricky Van Veen. He exceeded all of her expectations and she thought he was an amazing officer as he is so incredibly charismatic and entertaining. He made their wedding special, and who knows, he might have a career as a wedding officer in the future.

4th Mark Consuelos

Actor Mark Consuelos is a man of many talents, one of which is a wedding officer. After Mark was certified online, he could start marrying couples. In 2008, he married another pretty big celebrity couple – Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky. Mark was ordained online just to marry Howard and Beth. With all of the celebrities in attendance, Mark was quite nervous, mostly because it was the first wedding he’d ever hosted. Luckily he did really well, and now he has a second job as a wedding officer whenever someone is in need!

3 Lady Gaga

Of all the celebrities who could be wedding officers, Lady Gaga seems like a pretty good one. With her over-the-top fashion and attachment to the LGBTQ community, Lady Gaga would be the perfect person to marry a couple. After same-sex marriage became legal in New York, Lady Gaga left and was ordained for wanting to marry her friend and yoga teacher Tricia Donegan and her partner. Lady Gaga as ordained minister would be a fun wedding ceremony, that’s for sure.

2 Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is quite a fun TV host, so it only makes sense that he would be a pretty good wedding officer. He was able to show his skills on television when he directed the wedding of his TV presenter Maria Menounos and her current husband Keven Undergaro. They hosted Fox’s New Year’s Eve show when the surprise wedding took place. The world saw Steve Harvey officiate and Maria have the surprise wedding of her dreams. Is there anything Steve Harvey can’t do?

1 Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill doesn’t seem like a celebrity for celebrating weddings, but he is indeed a wedding officer and has officiated none other than Adam Levine’s wedding. Jonah and Adam are very close friends. The two are so close that Jonah was happy to celebrate Adam’s wedding to Behati Prinsloo. We love that the two have such an unlikely friendship, and we love it even more that Jonah officiated Adam and Behati. Jonah could have a future as a professional wedding officer.

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