We love it!  The couple from Durban take their wedding photos at McDonald's

From Marchelle Abrahams 1h ago

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With many wedding venues locked and closed, newlyweds Romano and Taslyn van Blerk ran out of options for their wedding photo shoot.

But as soon as their wedding photographer Michael Lungani Mia suggested a somewhat unusual setting, they seized the chance.

McDonald’s in Pinetown, Durban was chosen as the quirky backdrop for their forever cherished wedding photos.

The result was a day of fun for Romano and Taslyn and their wedding guests.

Mia posted a series of photos of the happy couple on Facebook, which McDonald’s employees also took part in.

Mia explained how they ended up in the fast food place: “In short, after the wedding we looked around for locations. I was like we were going to McDonald’s – the dope people are Taslyn and Mono, they like, awe, let’s do it … in McDonald’s Pinetown they fired the shots. “

He added that the shoot was definitely a highlight for him.

So soon after the wedding we highlighted for filming locations, I was like going to McDonald’s – the sucker …

Posted by Michael Lungani Mia on Sunday 21st Feb 2021

Facebook users were equally impressed with Mia’s photography skills and Romano and Taslyn’s eagerness to try something different.

“Epic wedding, very NYc,” commented one user.

Another said, “Very unique, it’s not even about venues, it’s about your union in God’s eyes. Beautifully different, unique and blessed. “

The post quickly went viral with 3.1,000 likes and 3.3,000 shares after being shared on Sunday.

No doubt the photographer Mia will get a lot more wedding inquiries after that.

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