The pandemic crisis has obviously taken a heavy toll on the Desi wedding group. There are some significant changes in buying patterns as millennial brides repiot every aspect of their big day. As smaller weddings are part of the new normal, more and more designers are leaning towards comfortable styling and focusing on functional aspects of bridal attire.

The designer Vani Vats, who has gained a lot of recognition for her exceptional hand-embroidered bridal constellations, has come up with a very contemporary Intimate Wedding Edit that focuses on a more individualistic and minimalistic bridal style with an emphasis on one of them – some kind of silhouettes, simple color palettes and also a reasonable price.

The lineup is already making waves on Instagram and the designer is telling us that there are certain crucial changes that are already visible in the Desi wedding round. We met Vani to explore her line-up and to discuss what she’s doing to keep up with the new normal.

Tell us about the intimate wedding processing. What did you focus on?

The intimate wedding processing focuses on picks that aren’t too heavy and are perfect for a small, festive gathering. The line-up was designed taking into account subtle colors and simple but distinct hand embroidery. We also presented classic rather than exaggerated silhouettes. The most important thing about the collection is the price, it starts at 45,000. We think this is the order of the day.

How did the shutdown affect the Desi Wedding Fashion Circuit? Have you noticed a change in buying patterns? Also, tell us about the operational changes you had to make.

The global shutdown has affected every company. But only in India I feel weddings never stop. Even during the lockdown, people were hosting small events and shopping. The buying pattern has definitely changed. Most brides are okay with online advice and buy online. The number of walk-ins in the studio has decreased.

Oh, there is a significant impact on the back end as well, so spending has increased. Keeping social distancing in mind, we’ve taken more space for our karigare and made sure we don’t ask anyone to pack their boxes and leave in times of crisis. In fact, we take special care of our employees in these challenging times and create a safe working environment for them. Disinfecting is also an additional effort, as we disinfect and disinfect the workshops on a daily basis.

What are millennial brides looking for in terms of fashion?

Hmm, as far as I can tell, the brides wear the heaviest outfits. Interestingly, as the functions decrease, the functions spend more on their looks and fashion. The only additions, of course, are the masks. We’re creating some lovely masks for the brides this season.

Can you tell us what you plan to do next?

We’re planning to start our own website, which I’ve never really felt comfortable with as a wedding dress designer. But the times are such that we have to go online. Of course we are also planning to launch our winter collection soon.