Destination wedding in Somnath Temple now |  Rajkot news

Rajkot: Somnath Temple has opened its doors for destination weddings !.
The Shree Somnath Trust, which manages the famous Shiva Temple, will facilitate marriages for couples who want to enjoy the marital bliss in the area, with its glorious history and picturesque beach.
The Temple Foundation takes care of almost everything that has to do with the wedding celebration, from the priest to the flowers to the photo and video album. The trust will perform the wedding ceremonies according to the Hindu-Vedic rituals. The fees were set at Rs 11,000.
The Trust has built a huge pavilion for the wedding ceremonies in the newly built tourist center. The trust will also provide bride chori, chairs for bride and groom and seating arrangements for guests, garland, flower basket, candy for bride and groom, photo and video album.
The Temple Foundation also provides a marriage certificate issued by the local community.
“We are seeing a new trend that religious places are becoming famous among young people as wedding locations for travel destinations. Now everyone who wants to choose Somnath Temple as their destination wedding venue is welcome, ”read a press release from the Somnath Temple Trust.
Sources said that wedding fees were charged with the solvency of the middle and middle class population in mind.