This Saint Laurent bride mixed old Hollywood glamor and beautiful Indian traditions at her wedding in LA

While we are all currently committed to #StayHome, these weddings took place in the months leading up to the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you will find some joy in your reading list.

“We were like two ships passing by in the night,” said Roma Shah, Saint Laurent’s wholesale manager, of her first interactions with private equity investor Niraj Shah. “But we didn’t officially meet until the fall of 2013 in a lounge called No. 8 in downtown New York City.” Their respective friends had to convince each of them to go out that night, and after meeting briefly, it was two months before they finally went on a date. “Ten minutes to have a real drink and dinner conversation and we haven’t left each other.”

Niraj proposed while on a trip to Nizuc, Mexico with Roma’s side of the family and their King Charles Cavalier, Mercer, in tow. On the last evening of the trip they had a big family dinner. When they returned to their room, Niraj pulled the Roma onto the balcony. “Then he hypothetically asked me, ‘If there was one place in the world you would like to go tomorrow, where would it be?’ Without hesitation, I said, “Simple answer: Amangiri, Utah.” His exact answer was, “Well, that’s where we’re going tomorrow and Mercer is coming with us.” I was so surprised!

On her first night in Amangiri, Niraj had a sunset picnic and got down on one knee. “He suggested his grandmother’s ring and also gave me a message from Monique Péan, my favorite sustainable jewelry designer, who congratulated us with a watercolor of a ring I fell in love with the year before and an appointment to make ours Match engagement ring with her, “says Roma.” The whole evening was just one surprise after another and so meaningful. “

For their wedding, they really wanted their guests to experience and see Los Angeles. “We have always been interested in LA because we love the breathtaking yet diverse architecture, the incredible interior, the delicious food and the eternal sunshine,” says Roma. “The Sunset Tower Hotel is our home away from home. It has such a rich history that goes back to the height of Old Hollywood. If you stay there you will come back to this very special time. At the same time, the hospitality is impeccable and the staff make you feel like family. “They rented both townhouses on the property and made the vibe different in each suite, with friends and family constantly flowing in and out of both.

The celebrations began on Friday afternoon with a private ceremony for the couple’s immediate family. The bride wore a look that she had customized in collaboration with her aunt in India. “I knew from the start that my aunt should create my ceremonial look,” says Roma. “She has such a unique eye and I grew up with my mom matching all of her Indian outfits with her.” The ensemble’s sleeves were decorated with white pearls, and the skirt had lotus motifs with metal threads, symbolizing purity and enlightenment.

Indian music was playing as Roma and her father walked down the Art Deco stairs together. “I greeted the priest, who pressed his ring finger against my forehead and gave me a red third eye, symbolizing a blessing and the eye of wisdom for the married woman,” recalls Roma. “I went down the intimate corridor to the balcony to meet Niraj and we couldn’t remove smiles from our faces. We were completely happy. “They exchanged religious vows and performed symbolic rites using fire, air, water and earth. Marigolds yellow-orange flowers were thrown at the happy couple, followed by rice to symbolize unity, prosperity and purity.

Later that evening, the couple exchanged vows again, this time in front of all of their wedding guests. “I remember the lights were dim and the room was filled with candles,” says Roma, who wore a white Tom Ford dress, Trace Henningsen veil and Saint Laurent shoes for this part of the weekend. “My Tom Ford dress was a highlight for me because it matched the mood of the place. I wanted to relive a glamorous moment in Old Hollywood and that was the perfect dress. “

Roma’s brother-in-law Prakash directed the public exchange of vows, garlands, wedding rings and her Mangal Sutra necklace, the Indian version of a wedding ring. “We wanted to mix a nice balance between our Indian and Western cultures for this part of the ceremony,” says the bride. “It was a 10 minute ceremony and when we sealed it with a kiss the DJ started playing ‘Can’t Do Without You’ by Caribou and we got the party started!”

On Saturday, one of the most famous houses in LA – the Sheats Goldstein residence of the architect John Lautner – served as the backdrop for the main event. “The house is so architecturally striking,” says Roma. “There’s a pool deck attached to the family room, infinity tennis courts, and a club on the ground floor – all with views of the city on the hills. For us this is LA “

The invitation requested black tie optional. “Many of my fashion friends wore the Brock Collection. My entire team from Saint Laurent wore Saint Laurent and my friends from Celine and Valentino wore their respective brands, ”says Roma. “It was a fashion show and I loved it!”

In the meantime, the bride wore a strapless Gabriela Hearst dress. “I wanted something minimalistic to contrast with our surroundings,” she says. “My white satin crystal shoes are from one of my favorite Saint Laurent collections. The moment I saw these shoes, I knew they would be part of my wedding weekend. “

Roma added a white Saint Laurent blazer for her cocktail hour look. “One of my style icons has always been Bianca Jagger, who wore a white blazer [to her own wedding] in 1971. “

The couple worked with LA-based Indian chef Imran Ali Khan from Tumbi to take their favorite Indian dishes and make them modern with a twist. “Walking hand in hand with my husband on the infinity tennis court and seeing the room transform into the vision I always wanted for us was amazing,” says Roma. “One side had a wide panoramic view of LA as the sun set in the distance, and on the other side a lush jungle had been seamlessly worked into the hills, full of banana trees and our incredible design of two long royal tables and the most beautiful table landscape. “

The after party was held at the house at Club James, and the bride dressed for the occasion, wearing a Saint Laurent Spring 2020 mini dress and Prada shoes. “It was a very special dress for me,” says Roma, who has been with the brand for nine years. “I saw it on the catwalk at our men’s Saint Laurent show in Malibu in June 2019 and knew this would be my opportunity to wear a Saint Laurent dress during our special weekend in LA.”

After dancing to DJ Jeffertitti all night, the newlyweds headed back to the entrance of the house. “We thanked each other and had a moment to ourselves,” says Roma. “Then a handful of us went back to our suite and continued partying, laughing over the night and relaxing in our robes together.”