These are the world's best wedding photos in 2020

We live in an exciting time with technologies that give photographers of all genres more freedom, flexibility and expression of concepts and emotions, and not more than wedding photography. The International Wedding Photographer Of The Year Awards showcase the work of wedding photographers around the world and will undoubtedly set the new benchmark for wedding photography competitions. This year photographers from more than 60 countries took part in the 2020 Awards and presented images in ten different categories as well as the new “Rising Ninja Star” award.

The main prize came from the black and white category with the contemporary bride and groom portrait by Australian photographer James Simmons.

“I’m super happy to get clients who just let me do it. The location is super architectural and minimalist, with large rectangular columns that break up the space and the light that is reflected into the area. This shot was taken at the Corner made a pillar and was initially a portrait of Lisa standing on the dark side to show off her stunningly detailed dress and backlit her veil. “

Winner of the Rising Ninja Star Award (Photo credit: Midhat Mulabdic / 2020 International Wedding Photographer of the Year)

The “Rising Ninja Star” award went to the Croatian photographer Midhat Mulabdić, who was jointly selected by Studio Ninja and Award Curator Luke Simon. Mulabdić received the 1-year master plan from Studio Ninja, a tool for professional photographers to manage diary bookings.

Engagement category winner (Photo credit: Antonio Crutchley / International Wedding Photographer of the Year)

This beautifully vintage-style image comes from the Engagement category, captured by American photographer Antonio Crutchley. “For this shot, I asked the couple to get in the car and pretend they were reading something exciting in the paper. I put one Canon 600EX-RT with a mogsphere behind the couple. I then composed and captured the image with a Canon 5D MKIII with one Canon 50mm f / 1.8 Lens. A Yonguo Speedlite transmitter was used to trigger the flash. ”

Other winning entries

Winner of the couple portrait category (Photo credit: Patrick Lombaert / International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020)

Winner of the Bridal Party category (Photo Credit: Coralee Johnstone / International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020)

Epic Location category winner (Photo credit: Virginia Strobel / International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020)

Winner of the From Above category (Photo credit: Mike Vallely / International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020)

You can see all of the winning pictures here.

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