Marion County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

They say being a cop is a 24/7 job and not even a wedding has stopped these off duty cops from doing their job.

Detention officer Taylor Rafferty and her husband Chris Rafferty were greeted for their dedication to policing after rushing to help a man who was hit by a car halfway through their wedding photos.

The couple are police officers for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Florida, and their colleagues who attended their wedding also rushed to the man’s aid.

Amir Kaan Okutan / Pexels

The surreal ordeal happened on December 12th when Taylor and Chris teamed up, but their exploits didn’t come to the fore until after MCSO posted the story on its Facebook page on Monday, March 29th.

MCSO began the post: “When you choose a career in law enforcement, you choose never to be truly off duty because anything can happen at any time. Unfortunately, danger and tragedy do not pause. Even on your days off, it is a law enforcement officer’s duty to protect and serve. ‘

It goes further into detail that Reps Chris and Taylor Rafferty were “a far cry from a normal wedding experience” after a man was hit by a car in the downtown Ocala plaza while the bride and groom were being photographed.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

The Post continued to applaud the couple for their actions.

Our greatest admiration goes to the Raffertys and every member of their wedding party who, without a second thought, took steps to help everyone involved in this incident. Thank you for the dedicated service to our community in every way, as you know!

The man who was hit by the car reportedly suffered no serious injuries and the wedding resumed after doctors rushed him to the hospital.