The wedding location in Nagpur becomes the Covid Detection Center Nagpur News

NAGPUR: A wedding venue in Sawargaon in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra became a spontaneous “Covid Detection Center” when health officials arrived on site and subjected everyone – bride, groom and guests – to rapid antigen tests. The priest, the cook and the driver were not spared either.
District collector Ravindra Thakare praised this unique move and said it could be repeated elsewhere (rather than fines) to help control the spread of the coronavirus.
Narkhed’s health officer, Dr. Vidyanand Gaikwad, came up with the idea of ​​doing Covid tests at wedding venues that turned out to be super-spreading events amid the ongoing second wave of Covid-19 in Nagpur. “We ran 26 antigen tests at the venue and all of them tested negative. The idea was to immediately isolate anyone found positive and take further precautions, ”said Gaikwad.
“The visit was planned with a dual purpose. First of all, it should be checked that Covid norms such as masking, social distancing, disinfection and the upper limit of 50 people have been complied with. Second, to do antigen testing as crowds mix at weddings. Especially the bride and groom are welcomed by everyone. We wanted to make sure this marriage didn’t turn into a super-spreader event, ”he added.
The team advised the guests first and then ran the tests, Gaikwad said. “Aside from conducting tests, we also fined a total of 6,000 euros because many were found without a mask.”