Council announced new regulation to wedding venues and semirural areas may restrict the number of days the events can go ahead in the Ballina Shire.

New regulations for wedding venues and semirural areas may limit the number of days during the year that the Ballina Shire can host events.

The proposed new set of rules will shortly be publicly issued by the Council.

This is one of five topics that the Council approved at its last meeting:

1. Planning proposal – rural functional centers

New proposed regulations for Wedding and Event Centers at the Ballina Shire will be on public display shortly.

The amendments to Ballina’s local environmental plan for 2012 seek to minimize “adverse effects from functional centers” in the region.

The planning proposal will prohibit functional centers within the country of the RU2 zone and allow them “on the basis of a three-year temporary development permit, provided that the responsible approval managers are satisfied and support the development standards,” according to the council’s documents.

Another change would limit the number of days the country can use as a function center from 52 days a year to just 14 days.

For permission to be granted, the council must be satisfied that the development is not a convention center, exhibition center or music festival. be small and have little impact; do not generate noise, traffic, parking lots or light in residential areas; and also does not affect the surrounding land for agriculture or rural industry.

The new regulation would also mean that no more than one event could take place on site per weekend, no more than 20 events in 12 months and no more than 150 guests at any given time.

All city councilors present unanimously approved the exhibition of this matter.

The council can issue new regulations for wedding locations in semirural zones.

2. Bulwinkel Park, Alstonville:

The council agreed to allocate $ 25,000 to remove the existing structure and provide new shelter and seating in Bulwinkel Park in Alstonville.

This fund is drawn from the $ 382,000 made available under the LRCI (Local Roads and Community Infrastructure) program for community halls / facilities / grills and shade shelters.

After this is complete, a landscape architect from the local council will help plan a future design for the park, particularly near the river bank.

Cr Sharon Cadwallader’s motion was unanimously adopted.

3. Application to sell fossil fuels to LGNSW and ALGA:

Ballina city councils agreed to file a motion with NSW local government and the Australian Local Government Association to move away from fossil fuel investments.

“This campaign / strategy is to examine options that would encourage one or more of the major banks to stop lending to the fossil fuel industry by highlighting the opportunities that could exist for such a bank through the local government as an industry, by placing their investments and loans with that bank, especially when the total local government investments and loans are valued in the billions, “the application said.

This motion from Cr Jeff Johnson was accepted by councilors Wright, Parry, Johnson, Williams and Smith.

A related request from Ballina Shire to move away from fossil fuel investments was denied at the meeting.

4. Industrial buildings, high school and take-away premises:

Development has been approved to build an industrial complex on part of vacant industrial property, Lot 8 DP 1262723, Ascot Rd, Ballina.

The operating times are 24 hours / 7 days a week.

The project includes two industrial buildings, a gym and a take-away food and beverage store.

The two buildings were approved for general or light industry.

To approve the project, city councils must approve a maximum building height of 9.997m, an exception to the standard for the maximum height of 8.5m under the Ballina Local Environmental Plan 2012.

All council members at the meeting voted unanimously.

5. Cumbalum exchange:

Ballina Shire Council will invite NSW Secretary of Transportation and Roads Andrew Constance to an on-site discussion on the construction of north (out) and south (in) ramps at the Cumbalum – Pacific interchange.

The meeting will also cover the transport capacity in Ballina in general as a regional growth center.

If it is not possible to organize a meeting on site, this council requests a deputation meeting with the minister.

All council members present voted unanimously.

6. Housing Affordability Strategy:

The city councils agreed that the city council should look into the possibility of creating an advisory group made up of key actors in the area of ​​housing affordability.

This will be done to develop the Housing Affordability Strategy which is part of the 2020/21 Operations Plan.

The idea is that the stakeholders inform the strategy and continuously provide input and feedback on the implementation of the strategy.

All council members present voted unanimously.