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Lauren Nicole-Jones, 33, from Derbyshire, has a rare condition called facial blindness or prosopagnosia, which makes her forget people’s faces. Her condition is so severe that she has difficulty recognizing herself in her own wedding pictures.

She says she recognized herself by the white dress she wore as a bride. If it hadn’t been for that, Lauren wouldn’t have recognized herself. When she spoke to the mirror, she shared the condition that sometimes makes life difficult because she cannot always see herself in pictures. There were some incidents when she saw a photo and wondered when she was going there only to find out it wasn’t her.

She does not let Lauren’s severity of the condition become aware of her own reflection, she cannot recognize her best friends, celebrities or herself in the photo albums. Since there is no cure for the disease, she has learned to recognize people by their habits, voice, and mannerisms.

She recalled her birthday dinner and shared that she didn’t recognize a woman who would hug her and turn out to be her best friend from the age of 12 – and Lauren was a bridesmaid at her wedding less than a month ago.

There have also been some funny incidents like when she mistook her ex for someone else or talked to the wrong person for 40 minutes, sometimes she mistook her reflection in the mirror for another person. Lauren shares how difficult it is for her to watch movies with similar looking people, so she now prefers books.

She was only 19 years old when she discovered her condition after reading a book by Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who also has the condition. It is a rare condition and around 1 in 50 people are thought to have varying degrees of it. Doctors have little information about the condition but believe that it is congenital or caused by damage in a part of the brain that controls memory.

Lauren recognizes her husband and several other family members with whom she is closely connected. She said she does not share with people about her condition as it leads to further questions.