New luxury dating app gives away 50 first dates and 5 honeymoons

Truffle and its transparent membership criteria have already received high praise from several top-class members. A reality TV star from Netflix’s Love Is Blind calls it “a great idea!” Another reality TV star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta says she hope to “find” [her] There is someone special there. “Truffle Dating has been publicly endorsed by comedians, radio hosts, reality TV stars, ex-celebrities, and other high profile members.

Prospective members can download Truffle Dating from Google Play or the Internet Appstore. Members should send an email to claim their first dining experience [email protected] before their first date or after their engagement to claim their honeymoon gift.

Truffle Dating is owned by RGUE, LLC Atlanta-Based company founded by intellectual property lawyer Joey Wallace For more information, please contact [email protected].

For information please contact:
Joey Wallace
[email protected]

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