Make your wedding photos a priority

The most important part of the wedding is the couple. Nobody will argue otherwise. Florists, caterers, planners, and other vendors are also important, but when everyone walks home from a wedding, it’s the couple whose lives have just changed. While planning, a couple will speak to many suppliers to get their flowers just right, to make their dress perfect, and to choose the best stationery font that suits the mood of the event. With a hurricane of vendors, it’s so important to make wedding photos a priority when planning your budget.

Wedding photography is different from other parts of day planning. Your photos will capture the day in the moment and keep the memories of one of the most important days of your life. Your photos will be used as decorations in your home and as a beloved treasure on your coffee table. Your photos will eventually be in the hands of your grandchildren as you share your legacy with them. The flowers you carry will soon wither. Your invitations are only hanging on refrigerators for a short time. Your cake will be enjoyed by your guests. Your dress will be packed away. But your photos will carefully preserve your day. Make sure you invest in these memories.

On your wedding day, when your flowers are perfect, your tables are set and everything has finally come together, you will be realized in a swirl of plans. Unfortunately, you can miss many moments. You may miss the tear mom can’t hold back when she zips your dress up or the groom’s nervousness just before walking down the aisle. You may miss the reactions of your guests the first time they see you walking down the aisle or when you wipe the cake off your cheek. You may miss your grandparents’ gentle kiss after toast. These are the details that will help tell the story of your day. These are the details that you will want to invest in when hiring a professional photographer.

Consider these when investing in photography:

Prioritize your budget. What is the average price for photographers in your area? Take a look around and request personalized offers for your event. Find different ways to save in other areas of your budget so that you can invest more flexibly in your photos.

Decide on your style. There are so many photographers to choose from that if that is your primary focus, you are sure to find someone who will save you money. However, check out full albums of past work to see if they tell your story in high quality. Do you like light and airy photos? Do you prefer a moody and romantic look? Find someone whose editing style fits your vision.

I love the photographer. You should be able to step away from a conversation with your photographer and feel like you’ve just met a friend. Often so much stress is associated with planning a wedding that your photographer should recognize your stress and relate it. Find someone who will go out of their way to make your day go smoothly.

Research the details. Does your photographer provide a photo route for the day? Do you want a second shooter? Is your photographer traveling? How long will it take to finish your gallery? Would you like digital prints or special prints and products? Don’t hesitate to meet your photographer with a list of questions to ask during a consultation.

Wedding photography is not about expensive equipment and perfectly posed photos. It’s about capturing your unique story that will be kept like a time capsule of your wedding day. Make your wedding photos a priority so you can relive your day again and again.

– Hannah Gilliland