Ira Khan recently talked about her mental health journey in a video. The young Starkid uses her social media platform to start a conversation about the sensitive topic.

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Ira Khan shares her struggle with depression: I had to smile in my cousin’s wedding photos even though I felt shitty

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is an icon to keep it real. From sharing her thoughts publicly to posting her pics without makeup, Ira has also been honest about her mental health issues. The young starlet first spoke about her journey with depression three months ago when she posted a video entitled “My Privilege” on her YouTube page. Ira, who shares her thoughts in English on Instagram, later uploads the Hindi-dubbed version to YouTube for more people to understand and relate to.

Ira went to her Instagram handle to post another video letting her fans know how she is doing. Ira, who recently shared pictures of the ceremony from her cousin Zayn Marie’s wedding reception, revealed how she wishes she were more involved in the preparations. Also, even in her deepest moments, she had to fake a smile in the pictures. Ira explained her thoughts on dealing with depression, saying it was her “longest burnout”. The Starkid, who expresses her opinion without fear of being judged, also uses the social media platform to spread the word about mental health.

See Ira explain her journey in fighting depression:

Ira’s first 9-minute video caught the attention of over a hundred thousand viewers who empathized with the star child. Ira’s fans dropped thoughtful comments after watching her last video. Her channel has 3 videos so far and one of them is part 1 of her story which tells us that her fans will hear more from her in the near future.

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