How this florist created her own wedding bouquet

For other home improvement enthusiasts, flower shops, farmers markets, and chic grocery stores are great places to source seasonal flowers. Most are still open during the pandemic and will appreciate the support. Begin researching the truths available by calling in the month before your big day. And then, Amy suggests, get your flowers a day or two in advance so you can relax on the morning of your wedding. “I broke my own cardinal rule, but if you’re not a pro, picking out the flowers on the morning of your wedding won’t be as relaxing as you imagine,” says Amy. “And make sure you give yourself enough time to put your bouquet together, at least 45 minutes, so you don’t get stressed. Long, flowing ribbons are always a romantic ending. “

After bringing grapes of garden roses home from her own farmer’s market trip, Amy conditioned the stems by removing the excess leaves, freshly cutting them, and allowing them to rehydrate in a bucket for about an hour before arranging them. “I started arranging with a couple of sturdy stems,” she says. “And then I kept turning the pile and adding more over time. Sometimes I find it easier to make bridal bouquets in front of a mirror so I can check the proportions and shapes. “

Once the bouquet was ready, she put an elastic band around it to hold it in place and made the final adjustments as needed. Then she closed it with a short pack of ribbon and placed the bouquet in a deep vase of water. “I added my tape just before we left to keep it from getting wet!”

After Amy said “yes”, she didn’t want to let go of her bouquet. “The garden roses were intoxicating and their smell will always remind me of my wedding,” says Amy. “I couldn’t bear to leave it when we were on our honeymoon, so I took it and used it to decorate our hotel room and rearrange it as the days went on. I pressed some of the flowers and petals into my diary that I will add to our wedding album one day. “