Its longtime nickname was the “city of fraternal” (recently changed to “and sisterly”) love. But why not simply refer to this seductive, honeymoon-worthy, historic urban port as the “City of Love” for your purposes? That’s because Philadelphia, filled with small-town charm, a Bonesid UNESCO World Heritage City, has everything for a romantic getaway.

Hand in hand you start your mini moon with the power of the fictional fighter Rocky Balboa. Like him you will storm up the 72 steps that lead to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Somewhat out of tune you will sing the “Eye of the Tiger” in Voce-Alt while you scurry upstairs. Yes. That may seem cheesy – but it’s fun. When you arrive you will jump up, high five, snap a picture and then kiss. Like Rocky, you faced a challenge. You got engaged, made it through the wedding, and now is that time for you.

You chose Philly because he’s a history buff. He always wanted to see the Independence National Historical Park of the old town. You know he’ll be amazed when you look at the Liberty Bell together, stroll through Independence Hall, and peruse every inch of the various museums dedicated to the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, and the Constitution. They have also planned an excursion to the nearby Valley Forge, a fascinating national park.

Photo by Palomar Kimpton Philly

But the story alone is not enough to support you. Extra fuel in love comes from food. As it turns out, Philly is a foodie’s fantasy land. You knew about Philly cheesesteaks, of course – and you can’t wait to devour some at their source. But this bustling city embodies its diverse population with an array of culinary delights. You are planning to visit some of the main attractions in the city. Nostalgic Market for reading terminalsAround 1892, 80 vendors were selling their wares in a similar way to earlier market days. Grab a soft pretzel at Miller’s Twist and a whoopie pie at Flying Monkey. You have Italian Market on South 9th Street also planned. Angelos pizzeria is on your list. It’s an open-air extravaganza and spans 10 blocks. Not only does the market showcase the city’s Italian heritage (think pasta, mortadella, parmigiana), but also the many cultures that merge in Philly. You were told to expect everything from train wed to tortillas. They have also made plans to surprise him with meals at several renowned restaurants run by some of the best chefs in town. You put Stephen Starrs Parc, Marc Vetri Kitchen glass, Michael Solomonovs Dizengoff and Jose Garces Loved on your dance card. You starved yourself to prepare for this moment.

But it’s not a honeymoon without digging into a pampering hotel. You have always loved Kimpton for its sense of place. So you’ve chosen stylish Kimptons Hotel PalomarLocated in the hood of Rittenhouse Square, steps away from everything you want to do. A LEED-registered luxury retreat (you mutually promised to only go for sustainable no matter where you go), the ornate hotel with its bright colors and elements of the original architecture exudes elegance. It provides visual clues to Philadelphia’s history wherever you look. You know he’ll be delighted the moment he walks through the door. But not nearly as excited as he is when you show him into your room – the presidential suite. This huge retreat was designed to be reminiscent of a New York loft. But that’s not all. It also features a parlor, wet bar, 50-inch flat screen TV, dining table, and a stunning four-poster bed. The bathroom? Well, it’s truly hedonistic, with a Fuji hot tub, walk-in shower big enough for a party, and a TV hidden in the mirror.

In your hiding place you take his hand. Kimpton Palomar’s team has been immensely helpful. They left you a little bubbly, planned an en-suite couples massage and activated “Love Speak” via their own Spotify playlists: “LOVE Songs” and “Turn Up the Love”. He grabs you and together you dance across the room. But he never takes his eyes off the rooftops of Philadelphia. He’s fascinated – just as you imagined.

Check Visit Philly’s Website for some romantic activities from picnicking to hiking.

Photo by Palomar Kimpton Philly