A honeymoon could be as easy as staring into each other’s eyes. But since you will ideally do this for the rest of your life, why not experience something extraordinary to mark this momentous new phase? Memorable and quirky, these diverse hotels are for you.

Sleep in a tree house

Loire Valley, France

With a bottle of Sancerre you can cook like a French Tarzan and Jane in one of the 18 luxurious tree house suites, each designed by a contemporary artist, in the French Loire Valley. Intimate, romantic Loire Valley lodges lie deep in 750 hectares of forest with all amenities. In the vicinity of the numerous famous castles of the Loire Valley, the lodge offers additional activities such as forest bathing, “lyrical walks” under the guidance of a world-famous tenor, cycling, ballooning and wine tasting.

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Sleep in a boathouse

Mayo County Ireland

In the shadow of the 13th century Ashford Castle, a legendary castle hotel, Hideaway Cottage at Ashford Castle dominates the banks of Lough Corrib amid fairy-tale forests. The renovated one bedroom apartment dates back centuries and is like a fairy tale. Surrounded by private gardens and overlooking the lake, accompanied by the music of the rippling water, it features stone elements, old chimney lintels from the Castle Estate, handcrafted parquet floors, original artwork, lush fabrics and a blue Murano glass chandelier on the ceiling. Better news? The guests enjoy all the services of the castle as well as a personal “hiding assistant” who meets all needs.

Sleep in a gingerbread house

Hampshire, England

On the sprawling grounds of Heckfield Place, a luxurious 18th-century Georgian mansion, Church Lodge is set amid gardens and towering trees. It’s a historic two-story black and white building that gives Anglophiles plenty of space to read their favorite books by British authors, look for Shakespeare’s woodland fairies, and ponder history. All cottage guests can partake of the pampering amenities of Heckfield Place, including renowned restaurants.


Sleep on a boat

Bora Bora French Polynesia

Ahoy buddy! What could be nicer than an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, French Polynesia? Your own floating villa, of course. Adopt a 4 bedroom solar catamaran whose design is inspired by the canoe culture of the ancient Polynesians. ELYT Yacht Charter offers various routes to explore the paradisiacal expanse of Bora Bora, a distant Pacific wonderland made up of countless small islands and islets and crystal clear water. Lazy days, abundant marine life, chef-prepared meals and Tahitian bliss rule the day.


Sleep in a library

New York City

Bibliophiles will be in their element at the Library Hotel, as neat as a book on a shelf in Midtown Manhattan. With each of the ten floors, the hotel pays homage to the organizational nomenclature of the Dewey decimal system – literature, art, etc. – and has adorned its rooms with a matching themed collection of books. Embedded in the imagination of the page turner, a poetry garden, a reading room, a writing cave and a terrace. A daily wine and cheese reception is part of the free fun.


Sleep in a cave

New Mexico

You’ll be louder than Fred Flintstone himself when you spend your honeymoon in Kokopelli’s Cave, an authentic cave dwelling carved into the 60-million-year-old sandstone cliffs of Ojo Alamo near Farmington New Mexico. The cave is 70 feet below a cliff and can only be reached on foot. It has a bedroom, living area, fully equipped kitchen, replica of the Native American kiva, dining area and bathroom with rock walls that contain a waterfall shower and hot tub. Two verandas with sliding glass doors offer breathtaking views of the La Plata River.

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Sleep on an airplane

Stockholm, Sweden

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about an uncomfortable seat on a night flight. Instead, feed your cravings for aviation freaks at Arlanda Aiport, where a grounded Boeing 747 has been turned into a seriously hip 29-room hostel, Jumbo Stay. With a luxurious cockpit suite and a 24-hour bar and restaurant in the former first-class cabin, this unusual meeting place will make you wanderlust. Try it as a bookend sleep during a honeymoon in Scandinavia.

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