As the Shaadi season approaches, our hearts skip a beat. So many features, so fun music and the ability to dress up – what else could we ask for?

However, dressing up for an Indian wedding is not an easy task. There are innumerable aspects to beware of. From the dresses that are suitable for any culture to the colors that are an absolute no to weddings. We still have a lot to learn.

If you’re having a wedding and are wondering how to style your look, here are some expert tips from the C. Krishniah Chetty jewelry group on the pros, cons, and accessories to wear during the wedding season.

Wear bright colors!

As Indian, no moment is boring for us and so weddings obviously require pops of color and bright hues!

You can opt for monotonous traditional dresses like lehenga choli or short shirt and gharara and combine them with a dupatta of a different color. For example an orange stole / dupatta for a yellow ensemble. This will definitely make you stand out.

Or – and this is our favorite – you could combine it with the other bridesmaids. If you are one of the bride’s closest friends / cousins ‚Äč‚Äčthen you are definitely a part of Team Bride. Color match with your other girl gang members and appear at the wedding with a matching ensemble in light colors (we choose pink)!

Drop the red ones

An Indian wedding fact – the bride will likely wear red.

Although times have changed and many modern brides have opted for wedding dresses in other colors, they add a touch of red to their clothes in one way or another – be it via the heavy dupatta, the ornate clutch or the beautiful jewelry.

If you’re a guest at the wedding, don’t put the bride in the limelight by wearing red in any form. Instead, opt for a different color from various pastel shades and light shades and combine it with the right jewelry. However, if you are the bride, you will blush!

Have your entire wedding dress in traditional red tones or choose a different color for your clothes and combine it with red jewelry, albeit in a chic look. A classic gold necklace and modern diamond earrings with red centers appear to be adorned by a bride on her special day.

Wear statement jewelry – the more, the better!

Just because you’re the guest, not the bride, doesn’t mean you lose the fun.

At an Indian wedding, jewels are your best friend. This means the more you wear (to match your dress of course) the better it is!

A spectacular white gold diamond necklace that gives a fashionista mood definitely makes the cut perfect. If you wear a slightly plunging neckline or a V-neck, wear this. If you wear a slightly plunging neckline or a V-neckline, wear this necklace and you will be the star of the evening.

We recommend a modern yet traditional look. Whether you opt for a lehenga and choli or a narkali suit, combine it with chic jewelry.

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for subtle yet stylish and trendy jewelry that goes with a modern evening dress, an abstract gold chain is definitely one that will win your heart!

Bangles are a must!

From the chooda of Punjabi pride to the k aleera of the north Indian bride, bangles are a beautiful sight throughout the Indian wedding. This means whether you are closely related to the bride and groom, or just a long lost relative attending the wedding, bangles are a must have!

However, since this is a wedding, fashion experts recommend leaving out the normal glass / plastic bracelets and using more modern bangles that are more like a wedding feel instead.

One such popular choice is a diamond bangle. With the advantage that it will suit most ensembles because of its silver hues and simplicity, these should be the go-to places for wedding attendants hoping to stand out but not over the top.

On the other hand, if your clothes are a bit simple and you want to brighten things up a bit with your accessories, go for simple gold studded bangles.

Get the henna!

A wedding is as special as the festivities that go with it. From the Haldi Lagai to the Sangeet, it’s the little things that make it special.

One such feature of a wedding is decorating hands with henna. The henna application is a paste used to fill the hands with intricate patterns. It is a wonderfully traditional feature of weddings. Whether you are a wedding guest or the bride – we recommend that you bring henna into the design that you like!

Get ready for the wedding

Now that you have all the knowledge you need for an Indian wedding, it’s time to get dressed!