Season two of ‘Cooku With Comali’ shows that Tamil’s most watched TV is currently in its finals and who among Kani, Shakeela, Ashwin, Baba Bhaskar and Pavithra Lakhsmi will win the title is the million dollar question.

Last week’s celebrity episode of ‘Cooku Wtih Comali 2’ allowed each candidate to bring a celebrity guest, and Pavithra Lakshmi invited a young man named Sudarshan Govind, who was perceived as her boyfriend. on social media.

On Sunday, wedding photos of Pavithra and Sudharshan went viral speculation as to whether the couple decided to tie the knot. A video of it also made the rounds today. Pavithra and Sudharshan are seen in a post-wedding mood that seeks blessings from their parents.

It is learned that Sudharshan is also a model and that he and Pavithra worked together on a new commercial for which the wedding sequences were shot.