Christine's Galia Lahav wedding dress at the sunset sale

Dramatic? Check. Exaggerated? Check. Statements possible in every way? Check check. There are few people who can take off a black wedding dress, and Christine Quinn from Sell ​​sunset absolutely check the boxes. It should come as no surprise that the chic real estate agent from Netflix’s hit reality series pulled out all the stops for her winter wonderland-style Gothic wedding, but when she and Christian’s wedding aired during the show’s third season finale, viewers watched to were thrilled with the details and the dedication to the subject. The energy was immediately palpable as she stepped out of a car in her tailored black dress designed by Galia Lahav – her first dress of the evening.

“Christine knew she wanted something unique and dramatic.”

POPSUGAR had a chat with Galia about working with Christine to design her beautiful wedding dresses for both the ceremony and reception, and to say that Christine’s vision was beautifully brought to life would be an understatement. “Christine knew she wanted something unique and dramatic; she was very excited about a bespoke dress that would be absolutely unique,” Galia shared, adding that with Christine’s guests in white and with no soft tone in sight, they stand out had to .

Viewers saw Christine’s first dress date during the show and immediately knew it was going to be unique. Galia was able to add all of the special elements normally found in a typical bridal look, including “sheen, embellishments and lace” to complete the bride’s look. The ball gown featured a black bustier top with strapless straps, shimmering details and black roses embroidered through the tulle bottom from top to bottom. Every element of the dress sparkled with details.

“Christine described herself as a ‘Gothic Barbie’ and our stylist made sure the custom appliqué on the ball gown reflected that style,” said Galia. “We knew a Gothic English rose look would go perfectly with this top … Christine decided she wanted to add a final touch of drama to her look, so we opted for an incredible seven meter long black veil down the aisle feels even more regal! “That’s right,” incredible “is the perfect word to describe the spectacular veil that was over 22 feet long.

For Christine’s reception gown, she increased the sexiness factor and gave the designer’s Thelma gown her own touch. The super-dense dress has a flattering mermaid shape with mesh cutouts on the legs. Using Christine’s vision and Galia’s magical touch, it has been adjusted to perfectly capture the bride’s ornate style. “We changed the original design to match Christine’s vision of a sexy nightly glam look, but still with that elegant bridal touch,” said Galia. “We adapted the original design by adding feathers to the skirt, dramatic dots to the cups, and black Swarovski crystals to the top to ensure Christine’s look is totally unique.” Both dresses were completely handcrafted in just two months!

Pre-check out some of the stunning photos of Christine’s bespoke Galia Lahav wedding dresses, which the designer confirms that she was “involved in every part of the design process”.