Bridging the gap in the Indian wedding market

We’re introducing The Knot WorldWide and WeddingWire India to raise awareness and lead the way in online wedding technology, said Ankur Sarawagi, country head of The Knot Worldwide.

While digitization has taken over every aspect of our lives, the pandemic has accelerated it further. Today everything from work to planning a wedding can be done digitally. Wedding planning has always been stressful and complex, but the online wedding planning marketplace has found more relevance in the world of pandemic hits.

One such platform is The Knot Worldwide, which enables couples to select preferred vendors such as makeup artists and photographers within their budget, maintain a detailed wedding checklist to avoid last-minute confusion, get inspiration, and seek in-depth advice from a great Community. The app’s extensive directory of venues, partners, and easy access make it an ideal partner to help couples plan the wedding of their dreams, even during the unpredictable times of a pandemic.

In an interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Ankur Sarawagi, Country Head of The Knot Worldwide, spoke about the upcoming wedding trends, the company’s ambitions and commitment to the Indian market, future plans and much more


What impact has COVID-19 had on the wedding industry in India and on TKWW?

The wedding industry, like any other, has not been immune to the effects of COVID-19, both in terms of difficulty and innovation. During these unprecedented times, we faced short-term cancellations and postponements as couples and families had no choice but to do so. With the loosening of health and safety guidelines by local governments, it offered couples and our distributors creative and innovative solutions to celebrate love safely. The industry has adapted by creating new wedding trends such as: B. smaller and more intimate celebrations, streaming ceremonies on video calls, weddings where couples hold their wedding on the original date while smaller groups of guests are on shifts to adhere to social networking distancing norms and “minimonies” with the immediate family celebrating their special day on their original wedding date, followed by a bigger event when the pandemic subsides.

How are The Knot Worldwide and Wedding Wire India filling the niche in the market and helping consumers overcome the challenges of wedding planning?

Weddings since the lockdown have become leaner and more sustainable. Wedding technology apps like WeddingWire India by The Knot Worldwide, the largest free online mobile wedding planning platform, provide couples and families with solutions to bridge the gap between them and providers by allowing them to conveniently plan their dream wedding the way it was intended from their homes . The application offers functions such as finding a suitable wedding location, provider, budget allocation, managing the guest list, thousands of blogs for ideas and inspiration, creating a custom wedding website and much more at the push of a button.

What is the difference between TKWW and World War I in the wedding technology industry?

Technology and digitization came to the rescue during the pandemic. An event as complex as a wedding has been simplified by The Knot Worldwide’s wedding planning application, WeddingWire India. The platform is a one-stop solution that provides consumers with a variety of tools and access to thousands of wedding venues, vendors and partners to make their big day the way it should be. In addition to couples, WeddingWire India offers local business owners and sellers the opportunity to meet thousands of couples and leads listed on their premium listing page. Hence, wedding venues and professionals can do more business. The application has the ability to understand its customers’ specific needs and promises to provide the resources and confidence necessary to easily plan a special day – from suggestion to big day.

What are some upcoming and dominant trends in the wedding industry?

Couples and seller partners worked together by experimenting, understanding, and exploring newer ways to celebrate love. By the second half of 2020, several companies have reopened to create more opportunity, and states have eased regulations on the size of social gatherings. However, there are certain innovative trends that were seen in 2020. We’ll see the concept of intimate weddings in the years to come as well, which means we may see a shift towards more personalized / bespoke, grander experiences in 2021, while maintaining unreduced budgets that are more focused on technology and that Support the emergence of alternative entertainment experiences that keep guests busy with the celebration from their seats or without everyone gathering in one place. In addition, wedding planners have become an integral part of wedding planning.

Tell us about the company’s ambitions and commitment to the Indian market.

The core beliefs of The Knot WorldWide are based on the ethos: “We win together; We dream big; We respect all voices; We are busy every day and we love those of our users. The company envisions a business model based on exclusivity. At WeddingWire India, our goal is to help couples master and enjoy life’s greatest moments together by providing them with the resources and confidence necessary to easily plan their big day.

What are some of your future plans? Where do you see TKWW a few years later?

The wedding industry is by its nature particularly dynamic with constantly changing trends and requirements. Therefore, to stay relevant in the wedding industry, it is imperative to improve and adapt from moment to moment. Every year The Knot Worldwide and WeddingWire India improve their goals and objectives and expand their services. In the next few years we want to continue to build a community of newlyweds who, through interactions with other engaged couples, can receive the necessary help and answers to all questions related to the wedding.

We introduce ourselves to The Knot WorldWide and WeddingWire India to raise awareness and lead the way in online wedding technology. Long term goal is to generate interest and fill a void in the Indian market with features and services that have helped wedding couples and providers overseas plan a dream wedding in an efficient way. As a result, the focus will continue to be on business expansion by expanding length and breadth across categories and regions.