Bridal Inspiration: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

The main attraction of any wedding is of course the dress. Here’s how to choose from the wide variety of models and inspirations available.

The style

Short and fun

The wedding dress is usually long and can be shortened for a sexier and more summery look while staying elegant. The best part? It’s the ideal model for a summer wedding in hot weather, but also for civil weddings where you can even wear a babydoll-style wedding dress.

Long and elegant

The long wedding dress is a traditional choice and ensures a flawless look while being original. This length combined with long sleeves makes this wedding dress the ideal piece for a winter wedding. A particular favorite is the all-round model, which ensures length and elegance with its feminine open neckline, combined with a touch of sensuality.

A colorful look

Still a rare choice, the wedding dress with a pop of color was sometimes preferred by celebrities to tie the knot. Many wedding dress designers are gradually adding pops of color to their most popular pieces.

A bohemian style

The bohemian wedding dress is ideal for a country wedding with timeless charm. It remains a star of bridal designers and is a favorite among future brides. Whether in ready-to-wear collections or renewed every season – bohemian wedding dresses are everywhere.

Classic and traditional

Classic wedding dresses ensure flawless elegance, so to speak. These designs are often spotted on celebrities like the model worn by Givenchy Meghan Markle which then inspired future brides around the world.

A modern overall

Suits and overalls, a star piece for civil weddings with casual elegance, have become a popular choice in the bridal world in recent years. While it’s a signature for some labels, this style is also being adopted as a new must-have by classic wedding dress designers.

The price

Affordable models

Who said a wedding dress had to be expensive? Since prospective brides want to change their outfits several times on their wedding day, designers are now offering cheaper models. Whether less than 500 €, less than 250 € or one piece at a low price per season … it’s all there.

Luxury pieces

Just like celebrities who have unique pieces made for their wedding, fashion designers also offer their own vision of the wedding dress, giving it a more luxurious and fashionable look. Every season, Vogue shows the best wedding dresses from Fashion Week.

The season


With the return of good weather, a wedding boom is usually visible as early as spring. Although the temperatures are not yet very warm, spring wedding dresses are also a delight for the future bride. Every season we reveal our favorite models.


Summer is the perfect season for weddings and invites you to enjoy the warm weather and endless festivities. From wedding dresses for a hot summer and inspiration on the Fashion Week catwalks to new pieces created by our favorite designers, everything is included.


Once the holidays are over, the fall season is perfect for colorful ceremonies. This mid-season also requires carefully selected wedding dresses to ward off the oncoming cold weather while keeping an eye on the last few days of warmth.


Winter weddings have the unique feel of the poetic romance of the colder months. Since the atmosphere is unique, the winter wedding dress can be just as unforgettable. From long-sleeved styles with precious details to inspirations spotted during the fall / winter fashion weeks and knitted accessories to keep you warm, it’s an absolute hit.

Civil marriage

As the first step before a magnificent ceremony (or not), the civil wedding remains a special moment that enables an extraordinary wedding dress. While some people prefer to wear a modern white suit to say “I do,” others choose short wedding dresses as more and more designers envision unique models for civil weddings.

The Vogue vision

Interviews with designers

Who better than a designer to talk to future brides? From bridal interviews and professional advice to exclusively presented new collections, Vogue is close to everyone who shapes the world of bridal fashion in order to give future brides the best possible inspiration.

Our best addresses

From state-of-the-art bridal concept stores to online sites for finding your wedding dress and addresses of professionals, we’ll tell you where to find that rare jewel for your wedding.

Inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram is a great platform for brands and designers to get an idea of ​​the wedding dress you want: the designers inspire their followers by regularly sharing their “real” brides. Likewise, with the diverse selection of Pinterest boards, you can gradually find the style of wedding dress that you would like to see on yourself and simply get inspiration from the most popular and trendy models.

Vogues wedding diaries

The wedding diaries developed by Vogue show pictures of real weddings around the world, accompanied by the words of the newlyweds. Influencers, creatives, artists, concept store founders or wedding specialists – it is the perfect opportunity to be inspired.

Translated by Freya Doggett

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