1920s Inspired Wedding Dresses - Art Deco Inspired Wedding Dresses

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The roaring 20’s or the age of jazz were best known for epic parties and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The Era without Borders followed the Spanish flu after people spent two years indoors. A resurgence in the decade’s affinity for celebration is likely to emerge after the pandemic, and a reinvention of the top trends of the era is likely to follow.

Teardrop cuffs, second skin satin, and loads of pearl embellishments are likely to show up in the roaring 2020s. What used to feel exhausting or costumed is now theatrical and yet chic in a new way. Whether your bridal style is low-key, modern, modest or glamorous, these are the new Art Deco-inspired archetypes to consider now for your intimate party or later for a larger celebration. These looks require a flair for the drama and love of all things old and new. Here are the new ways to channel the inspiration of the 1920s into the 2020s – for every bride from the fashion-conscious renegade to the classic – with a nostalgic twist.

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Pearls on pearls

Strands on bead stands undeniably feel like Gatsby, who is usually worn for a long time, wrapped around the neck many times or running down the back, which can be seen through a low-cut, open back.

This ornament is also synonymous with bridal and is usually associated with more traditional looks. Wear them thick for the new decade – like these dresses from Vera Wang’s new bridal and ready-to-wear hybrid collection for fall 2021.

Inspired by the 1920s, this version of the classic accessory is all about being glamorous without the glitz. No sparkles or crystals are necessary here; This bead-on-bead look is for a bride who does nothing according to the status quo. Skip the predictable single strand of pearls – these are pearls for the bride who wants to look festive, formal and throw a party that matches the post-lockdown energy.

In the picture: Vera Wang Bridal fall 2021


Flap 2.0

The jazz age was all about glamor and bangs – and Naeem Khan is the goalkeeper of after-party looks that meet all of these criteria.

But say goodbye to the vintage flair that has long been associated with Gatsby style party dresses. This look is a combination of 20th century styles but modernizes the light-hearted, stylish baffle plate. A high neckline and shoulder pads give the more popular deep V-necklines of the era a cosmopolitan flair – from fashionable bangs to revealing legs.

Think glamorous yet playful. This bride puts on stilettos or kitten heels, but always swaps a corset for lingerie with a relaxed fit.

In the picture: Naeem Khan Bridal fall 2021


Feathered dresses

Looking effortlessly chic from head to toe is best achieved with a dress that speaks for itself. Enter: chic feathers and easy-to-wear silhouettes.

This take on inspiration from the age of jazz is a little more enticing than all-encompassing glamor. It’s about playfulness, drama and texture. This look is simple yet over the top in the best way – much like how we want the parties to feel when we get out of lockdown. This bride pushes the party dressing to extremes – and isn’t shy about not wearing white.

In the picture: Khyeli Spring 2021


The new tweed suit

In 1925, Chanel presented their signature tweed suit at a small show in their salon on Rue de Cambon in Paris. Chanel, known for mixing traditional notions of masculinity and femininity, took inspiration from the sportswear and men’s clothing that her boyfriend at the time, the Duke of Westminster, wore on a daily basis.

This bride’s mood is laissez faire; She doesn’t do any pomp or fuss, but her style is still high society, ultra femme and classics with an edge. This look can be worn in a dress variant or as a two-piece set for the aisle (paired with a veil) or for other wedding events such as rehearsal dinner, after-party, brunch and beyond.

This look might not scream a roaring 20s, but if you’re investing in a high day-to-night look that you’ll cherish forever, it might not be 2020 anymore – and if you go for this look with a micro mini skirt decide you have it Nothing stands in the way of your dance all night.

In the picture: Chanel Spring 2021 Haute Couture


The speakeasy darling

This bride was in quarantine and ready to party – like 1925 or 2022. Think of staples from the 20s, like metallic embellishments, a deep V-neckline and a lowered waist. Bring it into this century now.

Romantic without a doubt, but disrespectful without feeling worthy of the stage, it looks like it feels fresh – and inspired by decoration. It’s about combining elements of the old world and new, current silhouettes: the full midi skirt, the touch of blush and the barely available accessories make this look far better for parties than for bygone times.

In the picture: Lanvin Spring 2021


Not that straight edge

Calling all contemporary cultivated and hopeless romantics. A seductive mansion or historic home is just the right setting to keep up with this trend. This look is all about sultry satin and a fit that grazes the body.

This 1920s-inspired look has a touch of edge starting with a touch of black and an ankle length. The bones of this on-trend riff in ’20s fashion, but a Victorian-inspired sleeve and high neckline bring the look to this era. For the coming 2020s, go for satin looks with a twist. Go for minimal makeup, shades, and choose baroque pearls and rich embellishments to complete the look.

Virtue Before autumn 2021


No volume levels

This bride is breaking the rules – like most Gatsby girls. While much of Roaring’s fashion in the 20s included layers of fringes and feathers, it was all about maintaining a silhouette for the body. This trend does just that – but it takes advantage of the more modern frills and textures we’ve come to love over the past few decades.

This look is foamy but has an edge. Voluminous skirts can get in the way of partying all night, but sporty ruffles without a petticoat are a youthful take on the energy of the jazz age that is sure to suit the lively parties that come after the lockdown.

Giambattista Valli Resort 2021


Decoration forever

Head-to-toe embellishments feel like bridal wear – but can feel simple – if you aren’t selective with your textures, fabrications, embroidery designs, and accessories. Opt for beadwork that is more intrigue than your standard sequin sheath, but reminiscent of the decorative designs of the 1920s. Then, instead of styling it a la Jazz Age with crystal headpieces and lots of eyeliner, go for effortless hair, simple makeup, and damp skin.

Settings like your favorite bar or restaurant get new life when paired with jazz-age vibes that feel fresh. This trend is not about giving up the decoration entirely, but embracing it with modern design.

In the picture: Jenny Packham Bridal fall 2021


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